I started Fabulous Fascinators in 2016. I wanted a fascinator for a wedding that was small and simple and matched my outfit, but found that everything in the shops was 'not quite right'.

​So, facing my fourth stint of redundancy, I set about learning a new skill that I will always have to fall back on. I completed some invaluable millinery training courses, sourced some great suppliers and got to work!

Then in 2017, the town where I live held a festival that only happens every seven years. A cheap pitch for a stall, the opportunity to get my work out there on what was to be a glorious sunny day in Wales,  I set to work making fascinators in all shapes and sizes.

And it’s all really taken off from there, as well as some supportive friends allowing me to practice my skills, I've had fascinators and hatinators make their way to Ascot, and adorning do's at weddings across the country.

My fascinators are small and simple mostly (though I do have fun getting creative sometimes!) I use traditional millinery techniques and materials to give you that handmade quality you just dont get on the high street.


I also sell on Etsy, though you will find the same items here on the website.

If you have any questions or ideas for a fascinator please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help. Alternatively take a look at my FAQs page, there’s lots of answers there.